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Black plastic and metal gauze air filter for the Liveryman Arena
Two carbon brushes with springs attached for the Liveryman Arena models
Drive Crank for the Liveryman Arena Clippers, Steel pre drilled and offset cam
Liveryman Liveryman Arena Crank
Sale price£28.44
Condenser for Liveryman Arena+ Horse clippers, in grey with 3 wires
Drive Block for Liveryman Whisper Horse clippers, part is a square grey block
Gear and shaft complete for Liveryman Filly Horse clippers
Battery for Liveryman Harmony plus clipper, silver plastic case with cable
White Plastic Liveryman Harmony Drive Lever
Metal Hinge with spring to force shut
Liveryman Harmony Latch
Plastic Cap Cover in Black for Liveryman Harmony plus
Liveryman Harmony Plus Cordless Horse Clipper and Trimmer with Black/Red body housing
Replacement drive lever (blade drive) for Liveryman Harmony Plus clippers
4 meter power cable for Horse Clippers with UK plug
Capacitor for Liveryman Red Rocket Horse clippers bot wires ready to solder
Circuit Board (PCB) for Liveryman Red Rocket two Capacitors fitted and switch
On/Off Switch for Liveryman Red Rocket Horse clippers
Switch cover Liveryman Red Rocket Horse clippers, parts made from clear plastic
Rechargeable Battery for Liveryman Whisper horse clippers
Liveryman Whisper Circuit Board
Liveryman Whisper Drive Block
Liveryman Whisper Laminated metal spring