Anglia Clipper Services was founded by Brian Challis in 2001. Anglia Clipper Services began its life as a company which was determined to innovate and exploit the potential sharpening dog clipper blade technology in order to improve the hollow grinding process. Anglia Clipper Services first mission was to re-design the sharpening wheels to provide greater precision and accuracy. 

Over the past 20 years Brian Challis and his team of engineers have developed a range of unique solutions to test the equipment and the customers tools to enabled the company to lead the way as a service and repair provider. 

Today, Anglia Clipper Services is defined by unprecedented quality in its market to colleges, vets, armed forces, Groomers, Hairdressers and much more. Anglia Clipper Services continues to strive for operational excellence that delivers best in class service that exceed the customers expectations.