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Blade tension spring for Lister Horse clippers
Lister Blade Tension Set
Lister Lister Blade Tension Set
Sale price£11.37
Bottle of Wahl clipper oil with applicator nozzle
Wahl Wahl clipper oil 3310
Sale price£4.50
Small silver metal screw for Andis blade
Plastic clipper blade guide (runner) for the springs of detachable Oster, Andis, Wahl, Laube dog grooming clipper blades
Oster Oster Blade Guides x 3
Sale price£1.07
Blade tension spring for Liveryman and Wolseley Horse clippers
Lister R15 clipper oil in 500ml Plastic dispenser
Lister Lister R15 Clipper Oil
Sale price£9.49
Blade tension set for Liveryman and Wolseley Horse clippers includes Nut, Bolt and Spring
Blade tension bolt part for Lister Horse clippers
Silver metal socket for attaching clipper blade onto
Oster Oster Blade Socket
Sale price£2.22
Blade tension bolt for Liveryman and Wolseley horse clippers
Blade tension Nut for Liveryman and Wolseley Horse clippers
Aesculap clipper blade screw, slotted chrome finished spares
Aesculap Aesculap Blade Screw
Sale price£0.72
Dip Jar containing Andis Blade Care
Blade tension nut for Lister Horse clippers
Andis Spray Bottle with blue liquid
Plastic Blade Guide for Aesculap clipper Blades
Knurled Screw for Aesculap Clipper Blades
Clipper blade spring for repair of Aesculap Fav 2 type blades, flat silver metal with a hole in the centre