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Metal and plastic catch for attaching clipper blades to dog grooming clipper
Andis AGC Power cable with 3 pin plug and rubber grommet moulded to cable
Andis Andis AGC Power Cable
Sale price£13.20
White plastic with black tip blade drive for Andis Clippers
Replacement black felt pad for Andis AGC clipper
Andis AGC oil seal thin self adhesive felt
Andis Andis Oil Seal
Sale price£2.34
Blade Latch for the Andis AGC dog clippers, made from black metal with spring holes
Andis Andis AGR+ Latch
Sale price£1.68
Small silver metal screw for Andis blade
Metal armature for Andis AGC clipper
Andis Andis AGC Armature
Sale price£33.60
Hinge Assembly part for Andis Dog Grooming Clippers, silver looking metal with two spring ends
Andis Andis AGR+ Hinge
Sale price£11.09
Drive cap for Andis AGC Super 2 speed Burgundy
Hinge Assembly part for Andis Dog Grooming Clippers, silver looking metal with two spring ends
Andis Andis Hinge
Sale price£11.09
Andis AGCB power cable with transformer for UK and EU
Andis Andis AGC Brushless Cable
Sale price£36.00
Andis AGC clipper brushes metal wires with end connectors
Andis Excel and SMC Uk Power Cable
Circuit Board for Andis SMC2 dog clippers
Andis Andis SMC2 Circuit Board
Sale price£26.14
Rechargeable battery for the Andis Pulse cordless dog clipper, black battery pack with green parts
Andis Blade drive in white plastic and black tip
Andis AGR and Powergroom replacement power cable including adaptor for 240V
Andis Andis AGR+ Power Cable
Sale price£50.32
Switch for Andis AGR+ clippers metal slider box with solder tabs
Andis Andis AGR Switch
Sale price£3.62
Motor and Armature for Andis AGR+ clippers with bearings attached
Andis Andis AGR Armature
Sale price£50.32
Motor frame made from Black plastic fits Andis AGC, holes for Brush parts to locate
Andis Andis Front Motor Frame
Sale price£5.04
Burgundy replacement lower body case for Andis AGC super dog grooming clipper
Drive Cam with metal bearing for Andis AGC Models
Andis Andis AGC Drive Cam
Sale price£13.08
Upper Body Case in Black plastic for Andis AGC Single Speed Clippers, incorporates sliding switch

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