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Soft toothed slicker brush
Fine toothed deshedder
Andis dematting tool in green
Andis Andis Dematting Tool
Sale price£11.99
Andis deshedder in greed and white
Dog rake with metal teeth and plastic handle
10 inch metal dog comb
Andis Andis 10" Comb
Sale price£10.49
Metal comb for dog grooming
Andis Andis 7.5" Comb
Sale price£7.49
Green and White handled Pin Brush
Andis Andis Large Pin Brush
Sale price£7.25
Green and White pin brush
Andis Andis Medium Pin Brush
Sale price£9.49
Large Andis slicker in green and White
White and green handled slicker brush
Self Cleaning Slicker Brush