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Knurled Screw for Aesculap Clipper Blades
Plastic Blade Guide for Aesculap clipper Blades
Aesculap clipper blade screw, slotted chrome finished spares
Aesculap Aesculap Blade Screw
Sale price£0.72
Clipper blade spring for repair of Aesculap Fav 2 type blades, flat silver metal with a hole in the centre
Black rectangle shaped replacement carbon brush to fit Aesculap dog grooming clipper
Aesculap Carbon Brushes (Old Type)
Aesculap Fav 2 Armature
Aesculap Aesculap Fav 2 Armature
Sale price£115.86
Aesculap Fav 2 Circuit Board
Black lever with brass circular centering bush for Aesculap Fav 2 dog clippers
Red serrated gear wheel with metal cntral post for Aesculap dog grooming clippers
Aesculap Fav 2 Hanging Wire (Bale)
Power cable for Aesculap Favourita 2 dog clippers with UK plug 240V
Hinge Assembly part for Aesculap Dog Grooming Clippers, silver looking metal with black spring end
Red Bakelite gear for Aescualp Fav 5 Clippers
Power cable for Aesculap clipper fitted with 3 pin plug and bare ends
On/Off black rocker switch for Aesculap Fav 2 Clippers
Aesculap Aesculap Fav2 Switch
Sale price£5.30
Aesculap Favourita 2 corded dog grooming clippers with red case
Replacement bale (hanging wire) for Aesculap to hang the clippers
Black lever with circular centering bush for Aesculap dog clippers
Metal rectangular plate with four screw holes to locate the blade on Aescualp clippers
Switch cover for Aesculap fav 2 or 5 clippers Spares made from transparent flexible rubber
Black lever with brass circular centering bush for Aesculap Fav 5 dog clippers