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Lister Covercote clipper blades in plastic case
Lister A2 Clipper Blade
Lister A2F clipper blades and box
Blade tension bolt part for Lister Horse clippers
Blade tension nut for Lister Horse clippers
Lister Blade Tension Set
Lister Lister Blade Tension Set
Sale price£11.37
Blade tension spring for Lister Horse clippers
Zytel clipper head for Lister Large Clippers, with White Comb Pegs fitted
Lister Lister Clipper Head Bare
Sale price£38.44
Comb pegs including metal pin parts for most Lister Clippers
Lister Lister Comb Pegs
Sale price£1.44
Spare crank part offset with internal thread for most Lister Horse Grooming Clippers
Lister Lister Crank
Sale price£20.27
Lister Crank Circlip for most Lister Crank Roller parts
Replacement Crank Roller for most Lister Horse Clippers
Lister Lister Crankhead Roller
Sale price£12.83
Lister Eclipse in Blue showing charger, battery, brush and oilLister Eclipse with blade and battery fitted.
Lister Fusion horse grooming clippers with A2F blade
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4 meter power cable for Horse Clippers with UK plug
Replacement Lister Laser Air filter part rectangular plastic
Lister Laser replacement carbon brushes made from Black Carbon
Gear Wheel and Shaft assembly part for Lister Laser horse clippers
Replacement Intermediate Double Gear for Lister Laser Clippers
Front view with slider switch for the Lister Laser
Lister Lister Laser Switch
Sale price£22.00
Red Gear wheel moulded to the Metal shaft for Lister Legend horse clipper
Lister Legend Horse Clipper with blade attached
Lister Legend 240V Motor
Lister Lister Legend Motor
Sale price£56.05
3 pin Din connector for Lister Liberty clipper includes rubber grommet