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31 tooth replacement Gear for Heiniger Handy Horse Grooming clippers
Heiniger 31-15 standard Horse grooming clipper blade set in plastic packaging
Heiniger 31-23 Thoroughbred Horse clipper blades
Heiniger 31F-15 Fine Horse clipper blades
Battery for Heiniger Cordless horse clippers
Circuit Board replacement part for the Heiniger Cordless horse clipper.
Replacement On/Off switch Part for Heiniger cordless horse clippers 240V
Heiniger Drive Block, square metal block with a single hole
Heiniger Heiniger Drive Block
Sale price£4.60
Heiniger Handy Horse Grooming Clippers with 31-15 Blade in grey, 240V
On/Off Switch for Heiniger Handy Horse clippers, parts include brass screw connector
Heiniger Heiniger Handy Switch
Sale price£17.15
4 meter power cable for Horse Clippers with UK plug
Replacement Laminated Spring for Heiniger Horse clippers screw holes but spare screws not included or insert part
Heiniger Opal dog grooming clipper with blade attachedheiniger Opal clipper with charger and oil
Heiniger Opal Turning Lever
Replacement Circuit Board for Heiniger Progress Horse clippers, parts are 240V
Heiniger Progress Gear Wheel
Heiniger Progress Horse Clippers with blade and 240V
Heiniger Progress Motor
Heiniger Saphir Basic cordless dog clipper
Heiniger Saphir Battery fits all models
Dual Port charger in black for the Heiniger Saphir
PCB with wires for the Heiniger Saphir clippers
Heiniger saphir corded dog grooming clippers in Black/Grey with 240V adaptor
Heiniger Saphir Power cord with UK and EU adaptor