Doing some small clipper maintenance jobs regularly will help to keep your clippers working well and reduce wear and tear.  Think of it like keeping the oil topped up in your car, not exciting, but keeps it running and helps avoid a breakdown!

Clean Air filters WeeklyThis helps the clipper breathe and keep cool in use and only takes a couple of minutes. If you have newer clippers then they are probably a sealed unit and you can simply check the filter isn’t blocked.  Other clipper types may have a vent or filter which you can remove, then brush out the hair and give the vent a wash in some warm soapy water.  Always make sure the vent is fully dry before putting it back on your clipper.    

Replace Blade Drives Every Three to Four MonthsThe blade drive is the piece of your clipper that makes the blade move from side to side.  The picture below shows a recently replaced Blade drive.  As the width wears down over time it becomes narrower and will not move the clipper blade as far from side to side.    When worn, blade drives can cause an incomplete cut resulting in dragging or tram lines.  

You can replace this yourself and we sell a range of blade drives for the job.  If you prefer, we can also replace the blade drive for you in our in-house servicing department.  

Keeping us with these jobs will decrease down time and keep you working as well as prolonging the life of your clippers.