Looking after your clipper blades is simple but crucial to maintaining a sharp cutting edge for longer.  It is so important that all manufacturers of professional clipper blades advise oiling every 10-15 minutes of use.

The consequences of not cleaning and oiling blades regularly are not only will they run hotter but will also not keep the sharp edge as long. The lack of oil makes it harder for the blade to move, increasing the effort from the clipper to move the blade, meaning your clippers can wear out more quickly

This clipper blade has been well used but also oiled frequently, so it is free to move and doesn't show any signs of overheating. 

This example is of a blade which is overheating due to the lack of oiling at regular intervals. You can see the guide rail and front teeth have a reddish tinge caused by overheating and potential rust.


General Blade Maintenance 

The following steps will help to prolong the life of your clipper blades 

  • Oil the blade every 10-15 minutes of use on the cutting edge, rear runner and cutter guide, as shown on the picture below
  • After every use, clean the blade with a brush to remove cut fur from between the teeth, then oil and run it ready for the next days use

    Cleaning your blades at the end of each day is important, because the alkaline from the cut hair will deteriorate the sharpened surface and in severe cases you might find the blade will not cut the following day.

    You can enhance the cleaning process by using blade wash as shown by Andis in the video below.