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Plastic clipper blade guide (runner) for the springs of detachable Oster, Andis, Wahl, Laube dog grooming clipper blades
Oster Oster Blade Guides x 3
Sale price£1.07
Silver metal socket for attaching clipper blade onto
Oster Oster Blade Socket
Sale price£2.22
Black diode replacement with wires on each side
Oster Oster Diode (Two Speed)
Sale price£1.20
Round metal replacement link with protruding part to locate level
Oster Oster Drive Link
Sale price£1.80
Black plastic cap with vents to fit end of Oster clipper
Oster Oster End Cap Black
Sale price£5.76
Burgundy plastic cap with vents to fit end of Oster clipper
Oster Oster End Cap Burgundy
Sale price£5.76
Chrome Plastic Name Plate for Oster a6 clippers
Oster Oster Name Plate
Sale price£4.70
Oster PowerPro Spare Battery with round end
Oster Oster Power Pro Battery
Sale price£77.23
Replacement Drive Lever for Oster PowerPro Clipper parts
Metal Hinge assembly to fit Oster Golden A5 clipper One and Two Speed dog grooming clippers
Oster Oster Power Pro Hinge
Sale price£17.54
Oster Golden Power Pro Replacement Latch, Black metal fits to Hinge part of dog clipper
Oster Oster Power Pro Latch
Sale price£1.58
New rechargeable Battery for the Oster Pro3000i cordless dog clipper
Oster Oster Pro3000i Battery
Sale price£77.62
Oster Pro3000i Battery Charger single dock in silver plastic
Oster Pro3000i Hinge
Oster Oster Pro3000i Hinge
Sale price£20.51
Latch blade release for the Oster Pro3000i cordless clipper in Black with hooked end
Oster Oster Pro3000i Latch
Sale price£5.48
Drive Lever for the Oster Pro3000i cordless horse clippers
Oster Oster Pro3000i Lever
Sale price£3.60
Lower body Housing for Oster A6 Slim in Black
Oster Oster Slim Lower Body
Sale price£19.07
Square black plastic thrust plate part for the Oster Golden A5 dog clipper
Oster Oster Thrust Plate
Sale price£0.62