Wahl hair clipper oil has been specially desgned for clipper's and trimmer's and is suitable for all types of grooming blade Oster, Andis, Laube, Moser, with a low viscosity and odourless consistancy.

Regular application will prolong the cutting life of your blades ensuring they cut for longer in between sharpening, this product should be applied during clipping and most importantly after use.

Preventing the build up of rust on the cutting surfaces and keepng the running surface smooth, reducing friction of the blade temperature will be reduced cutting efficiency will be higher.

Wahl is a leading manufacturer of grooming equipment established 1911 in Illonios, USA.



  • 4floz 113ml bottle
  • easy to dispense twist nozzle
  • prolongs the life of blades
  • lasts for many months with normal home usage
  • reduces running temperature of blades


When carrying out repairs on your clipper it is always worthwhile disconnecting the power supply before fitting your replacement parts. please do not force any spares into place as this may cause damage to the products.

Carrying out repairs may void any warranties from your suppliers please read their warranty or guarantee information before commencing a repair.

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