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Our workshop offers two levels of scissor sharpening all dispatched within two days of receiving them. Our standard sharpening is suitable for all tailors shears, surgical instuments and most german made dog grooming scissors, while our high quality sharpening is aimed at hairdressing and any convex edge shear generally at the top end of the market. We stock most rubber stops and pivot screws if specialist parts are required we order the spares as needed all orders must contain contact details and return address, an order form can be printed off separately.

 Sharpening Order Form

Standard Repair Service

Suitable for carbon steel, cobalt and ice tempered stainless including all bevel edge and surgical restoring the perfect edge for just £4.95 will include:

  • Replace or repair pivot screws as required.
  • Check and adjust blade curvature.
  • Honing inside of blades and oiling.
  • Grinding of both blades followed by polishing.
  • Checking and adjusting blade balance and free-fall.
  • Testing on artificial fur.


Hairdressing Scissors


Suitable for all including Japanese Convex edge, rolled edge and in particular quality makes such as Gieb, Jowel and Hikari. This is the premium at only £8.95 most hair salons require the best, this includes:

  • Removal of pivot screw and cleaning.
  • Straighten blades as required.
  • Grind with 40 micron pad.
  • Honing with 9 micron pad.
  • Polish with polishing pad.
  • Hone edge with water stone.
  • Assemble, set free-fall and blade stops.
  • Oil and test on artificial fur.

Sending Scissors in the post


If you have any trouble sending your goods to us please read the link above.


Scissor Sharpening Order Form

If you are unable to print our order form please send all orders to:

Anglia Clipper Services

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