Horse, Dog clipper servicing Repair

It is essential to keep Clipper Repairs as part of your routine our servicing department can take care of all repairs for you as various wearing parts need replacing and oiling at regular intervals please refer to your Maintenance section in your manual.

All aspects of the handset will be dismantled, greased and checked for wear, any parts found to be at fault are advised to be replaced. We have developed equipment to allow us to test different aspects of the machines giving us a leading edge over the rest.

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Most parts are stocked for servicing of;

Oster , Andis, Wahl, Aesculap, Moser, Lister, Heiniger, Hauptner, Wolseley, Liveryman

.Prices (Prices are inclusive of VAT)

We charge:-

Small handset £23.00 plus parts.

Large Horse handset £28.00 plus parts

Return Carriage Insured For £2000
1 - machine £7.2
2 - machines £7.20
3 or more - £10.70
horse clippers - £10.70



Payment Options

Payment can be made by cheque, postal order, debit & credit cards and BACS. No charge is made for the use of DEBIT CARDS but a charge of 1.7% of total order value will be made for the use of CREDIT CARDS.
Payment from outside the UK can be made by debit & credit cards or sterling draft.


Most work is completed and dispatched within five working days, this is subject to spares availability.


Should a handset develop a fault within 6 months of the service date shown on
the invoice it will be fixed free of any labour cost. Any spare parts fitted will be chargeable.
The guarantee excludes faults which may develop in the existing power cable
within the six month period.
Any spares fitted will be guaranteed for a period of 1 year excluding power cables.

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