Fitting Cable's

Fitting a replacement Cable to Oster A5



Tools Required

  • Soldering Iron
  • Small flat screwdriver
  • Small Pozi or Phillips screwdriver
  • No 8 & No 10 Torqs security screwdrivers (Ones with hole in centre)
  • Long nosed pliers
  1. Take the end cap from the clipper by removing the two recessed screws located either side of the rocker switch. These will be either Pozi / Phillips head or No 8 or 10 torqs security. The end cap will now lift off the clipper with the cable.
    Note: End cap to body casing location points.
    A. The male location ‘’’’ on the edge of the end cap and the female location recess on the end of the body casing.
    B. Which contactor goes to which end cap retaining position.
  2. Remove the two screws retaining the brass contactors to the inside of the end cap.
    Note: The orientation of the switch within the end cap
  3. The rocker switch must now be lifted from the end cap. At one end of the switch facia push a thin flat screwdriver under the plastic switch cover ensuring it goes under the edge of the switch and lift this end up about 2mm. Repeat this on the other end of the switch. The switch can now be lifted far enough to clear the end from the end cap, slide the cable location moulding across into the switch hole, the complete cable assembly incorporating the switch and internal wiring can now be removed from the end cap, it will be necessary to manipulate the internal wiring and connections to thread through the switch hole.
    Note: The wire colours going to the switch and the brass terminal.
    (The blue goes to the centre terminal on the switch and the brown to the appropriate brass contactor)
  4. The old cable can now be removed from the assembly and the new one soldered into position.
  5. To reassemble feed the brass contactors followed by the wiring into the switch location hole, locate the strain relief moulding on the cable end into the half round recess in the side of the switch hole and push the switch firmly into position making sure the speed markings on the switch are positioned as previous. Long nose pliers can be used to manipulate the wiring into position inside the end cap, secure the brass contactors onto the location posts.
  6. Refit the end cap making sure the location lug on the end cap aligns with recess on the main body.

Fitting replacement power cable to Andis AGC

Tools required

  • Small flat bladed screwdriver.
  • Small Pozi or Phillips screwdriver

Note: the location position of the wire hanging bracket. (This will probable fall out when you remove the cable)

  1. Remove the four pozi screws holding the two halves of the body case together and ease the two halves of the casing apart.
    Note: the location and orientation of the strain relief bush on the end of your existing cable in the body casing, and the location of the wire colours in the terminal block.
  2. Undo the two screws in the terminal block, pull the wires from the terminal block and remove the old cable from the clipper.
    Ease the new cable into position in the body casing, making sure it is the same way round as the original.
    Push the wires into the terminal block making sure the colours are located as the original.
    Ease the two halves of the body casing together, position the screws, (short ones at cable inlet end) and tighten.