Clipping Problems

Tram Lines

Tram Lines are caused by the cutter on your clipper head, not being moved far enough from side to side over the comb half of the blade, to complete the cut. It occurs most frequently on blades where the teeth are further apart (Numbers 7, 5, 4, & 3).

There are a number of causes:

  1. The lever on your clipper (the part which moves from side to side when you switch the clipper on) is worn down in width, thereby reducing the amount the cutter can be moved from side to side.
    Do it yourself solution: Fit a new lever, we can supply Clipper Parts

  2. The ears on the blade socket on the clipper head have spread out, allowing the clipper head to move from side to side on the hinge assembly. Frequently this is accompanied by rattling when running, this reduces the amount the cutter can be moved from side to side.Do it yourself solution: With a pair of pliers, grip the tip of each ear and reduce the gap between the ears. (do not do this with Laube clipper heads, the ears are hardened and may break off). Blade Spares.

  3. The screws holding the hinge assembly (the hinge assembly is the part you fit your blade to on the clipper) on your clipper are loose, allowing the assembly with the clipper head attached to move from side to side. As the whole cutting head is moving the amount the cutter is moving over the comb is reduced.
    Do it yourself solution: Tighten the screws up. If the problem reoccurs apply
    some Loctite screw retainer to the screws. (available from Halfords).
  4. The hinge assemble is not securing the clipper blade securely. Close the hinged lever down without a blade attached, the lever should be tight down on the main body of the assembly and should be difficult to open as indicated in red.
    Do it yourself solution: Fit a new hinge assembly, we can supply.

Cleaning & Oiling

  • Slide the Cutter half way across to reveal the sharpened surface.
  • Brush any hair out from between the teeth.
  • Wipe surface clean any grit may stop the blade immediately.
  • Apply oil to the comb front and back and the cutters running guide as indicated.
  • Slide the cutter back across to the opposite side and repeat oiling application as before.