Clipper Blade Sharpening


Our precision hollow ground lapping is the Rolls-Royce lasting up to 25 Dogs per set (as our customers report) where as others can be as little as 10 saving over 50% on future Sharpener costs.

We like to think we have a 98% customer satisfaction on all work thanks to our testing methods, some other competitors are rumoured to have around 60% failure rate.

We are recommended by main agents of Oster, Andis & Wahl such as Simpson's-On Line, Technogroom and Petcertera for our superior Horse and Dog Clipper Blade Sharpening throughout the UK and EU

Clipper Sharpening Order Form

We Sharpen the following 

Small Trimmer (Dog) – Oster, Andis, Wahl, Laube, Moser, Aesculap,

Large Trimmer (Horse) – Lister, Aesculap, Heiniger, Hauptner, Wolseley, Liveryman

Ceramic Trimmer (small animal)

Standard ScissorsScissor Service suitable for most including bevel edge made from carbon steel, cobalt and ice tempered stainless. This includes the popular Wittee Rose Line, Gotta brands and surgical instruments.

Quality Scissors – Suitable for all types of scissors including Japenese convex edge and in particular quality makes such as Geib, Joewel and Hikari

Prices (Prices are inclusive of VAT)

Small Cutter- £5.50

Ceramic small cutter- £6.50

Large Cutter (horse)- £6.25

Standard scissors / thinners- £4.95

Quality scissors / thinners- £8.95

Return Carriage

Items   Not insured Insured Europe/Eire
1-5   £2.75 £4.65 £4.76
6-10   £3.89 £5.63 £5.99
11+   £5.89 £7.20 £8.14

For further carriage options please contact us.

Payment Options

Payments can be made by cheque, postal order, debit & credit cards and BACS (credit accounts only). Payment from outside the UK can be made by debit & credit cards or sterling draft. No charge is made for the use of DEBIT CARDS but a charge of 1.7% of total order value will be made for the use of CREDIT CARDS.


Most Lapping is completed and despatched within two working days, during very busy periods this may extend to three days.

Process Control

All cutters are precision lapped on our equipment which is maintained to an accuracy of three microns, allowing us to achieve a very accurate hollow grind which ensures items cut efficiently.


All scissors and detachable trimmers,(Oster, Andis, Aesculap, Wahl, Moser) are tested on artificial fur to establish that they cut efficiently.

Where testing is not possible, as with large trimmers, each item is inspected to establish a hollow grind has been achieved.


All items are covered by our no quibble guarantee, if an item is received which does not cut efficiently we will resharpen it free of charge.

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